Which mobility scooter suits me?

Mobility scooters vary and all have different purposes. At MCS Mobility we ask you a number of needs- based questions to ascertain which kind of scooter would suit you.

Small Portable Scooters — These pull apart and can be put into the boot of a car. They’re great for anyone who still uses a car but wants to be able to use the scooter inside a shopping centre, or for shorter trips around the park on relatively smooth surfaces.

Mid-Sized Mobility Scooters — Are a budget option for anyone who is looking to be able to get out of their house and drive outdoors. The mid-sized scooters can be driven in between 20km – 30km on one charge!

Large All Terrain Mobility Scooters — Are a fantastic option for those who would like an extra level of comfort. They come with 4-wheel suspension which makes them a dream to drive. They can be driven in between 35km – 50km on one charge and are equipped for handling the roughest of terrain with ease.

Travel Mobility Scooters — Are easily transportable, fold up and can be wheeled along like hand luggage and can driven in between 8km – 15km. If you are wanting to travel on a plane or go on a cruise, these are the scooters for you! They come with lithium batteries and are aeroplane certified. Enjoy your holiday pain free with one of our Travel Scooter options.

Travel Power Chairs — Like the travel mobility scooters, these power chairs fold up easily and can be wheeled along. They have lithium batteries and are aeroplane certified. These chairs have a fantastic turning circle. They are able to completely turn around in one position. Great for indoors as well as travelling. You can’t get a better all-purpose machine.

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