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Benefits: Top 5 ways a lift and recline chair can improve your health

There are many recliner chairs in the market today, but not all the recliner chairs have the functionality to be able to lift the user to the standing position. These types of chairs are commonly called the lift and recliner chairs and aim to assist in providing the user with a safe and reliable method of getting in and out of the sofa chair. Whether the user is elderly, disabled or of the larger stature, the Lift and recline chair are designed and built to improve not only the health of the user but also the caregivers or nursing staff that may be assisting and caring for the user. There are five reasons how a lift chair improves the health of users and caregivers as outlined below:

1. Lift chair to a standing position
Bariatric recliners chairs - Premier A3
Getting into and out of a comfortable sofa chair is difficult for anyone sometimes, but for those with poor shoulder, arm or leg strength it is impossible without the assistance of a caregiver. In fact, without assistance in this process, it can cause further injury to the user which can often be life-threatening depending on the situation and injury. Lift and recline chairs are fitted with powerful motors that can lift the user to a near-standing position as well as many other functions namely reclining for the ultimate comfort at home. Lift chairs will often be fitted with single or dual motors. The more motors the chair has the more positions that can be accomplished with independent movement of the backrest, seat and leg rest elements. This picture shows an Ambassador Lift and Recline Chair in the standing position. Ambassador uses Linak Motors which are the leading electric actuator/motor manufacturers in the world and can offer an industry-best warranty of 5 years for peace of mind.
2. Leg Elevation
Leg elevation is very important for people who will spend extended periods of time in the lift and recliner. Leg elevation is not only a great way to reduce swelling in the legs (commonly known as fluid retention) but also in the promotion of blood circulation throughout the legs and body. This will also reduce the chances of varicose veins developing in the legs. Most recliner chairs will in some way elevate the feet, but it is important to note that not all chairs will elevate the feet above the required 85-200mm above heart level when fully reclined. In fact, if you were watching television with your legs straight out in front of you and not higher than the recommended elevation outlined above then you may be adding more pressure to your legs and making your leg veins worse.
Bariatric recliners chairs - Premier A2

Leg elevation, you’ll notice, feels good immediately. It takes the pressure off your leg veins first and foremost, encouraging the blood to flow out of your leg veins emptying them, and undoes the pressure of the day by giving your veins a break for a few hours as blood flow moves away from the legs and courses through the rest of your body.

If you have a willing partner, a brief leg massage while your legs are elevated is a blissful way to get rid of the day’s stress, giving your legs some much-needed TLC.

3. Mechanical structure strength and durability

The mechanical steel structural strength and integrity that supports the user is detrimental to the long-term health benefits it improves significantly. There are many recliner chairs on the market that may be comfortable and feel sturdy when testing or purchasing brand new, but will drastically deteriorate over time. It is highly recommended to choose a lift chair based on the weight it will carry and also just as important is the warranty the company offers on the structural and mechanical elements.

Ambassador lift and recline chairs have an industry-best warranty of 5 years for all structural and mechanical parts. When a company offers these types of warranties you know you are getting a product that they are confident will last and its piece of mind. When the structural and mechanical elements of a lift chair fail it can be catastrophic if not detrimental to the health of the user while it is being repaired or replaced.

The structural steel frame and lifting points are very important in not only maintaining smooth and continuous movement of the user throughout its lifetime but also should be interchangeable and replaceable for quick and easy repairs. Ambassador chairs have a patent design where bronze bushels are used on all heavy-duty lifting points on all their range of lift chairs for the bariatric. As these points are the most pivotal part of the lifting mechanism it is important to have strong and durable (and replaceable) materials that can handle high loads and continuous movements.

4. Posture support

Lift chairs are excellent in aiding good posture support in the multiple positions they can perform. Studies have found that the electric lift and recline function in posture supporting chairs maintains muscular tone due to the reduction of lower skeletal joint fatigue and degeneration. This is particularly good for people who need to spend extended periods of time in their lift chair and will greatly improve their posture and health when in the standing position.

Seating materials and spring systems can also affect posture when they deteriorate and sag. Ambassador lift chairs have a proprietary design where a solid steel frame is combined with pre-tensioned steel springs for maximum strength, support, and durability. Most bariatric or lift chairs will have fabric strapping support which tends to lose shape and sag in time leaving the user with lower back pain, which can adversely affect the users’ health over time.

5. Caregivers health is improved significantly

Occupational Health and safety is a very important element of keeping employees healthy by keeping their workplace and workplace practices safe. Nurses and caregivers that have to continuously help people in and out of beds and chairs are always putting their own bodies on the line if they do not use special equipment or correct lifting techniques. Lift and recline chairs can greatly aid in their involvement particularly in the process of getting the user into the standing position, which is often the hardest and most stressful part without the lift element on a recliner chair.

At Ambassador Products we pride ourselves on our Australian designed and built lift and recliner chairs. We have forged a reputation for providing the best quality lift chairs with industry best warranties to back it up. Our electric lift chairs not only provide unprecedented power and reliability but also are designed with luxurious comfort and style. Lift, recline or just sit safely and effortlessly with the touch of a simple handheld controller.

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Ambassador Warranty Guarantee

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Australian Made


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Premier A2 (60CM)

Lift Capacity: 160KG

Two Motors Lift Chair

Australian Made


Premier A2

We’ve utilised our experience and expertise to design the ultimate lift & recline chair packed with features. Exceptional comfort has been blended with advanced technologies to create a chair built to last. Each chair is built with exclusive mechanisms and components that are extra strong and durable.  Ambassador chairs provide greater lifting capacity than any other bariatric lift and recliner chair on the market.

Ambassador chairs enable more independence in the home for people with increased body weight and limited movement. This is because patients are able to sit and stand at the push of a button. Each chair is operated by a hand held remote control to perform 21 different lift and recline positions. The independence gained by the patients provides many benefits for carers and nursing staff.

Ambassador Lift & Recline Chair Features
 Unique Steel Frame
Unique Electric Motors
Luxurious Upholstery
Unique Steel Frame
Unique Steel Frame

Ambassador Chairs are uniquely constructed using high grade steel that is precision cut for accuracy and spot welded to key stress and weight-bearing areas. The steel frame, seat, springs and mechanism are all fitted with steel bolts and nuts, should they need to be replaced. Importantly, the steel plated weaved seating base is bolted in for maximum support to avoid any sagging or deterioration of the seating area.

It’s the bolted steel frame that gives Ambassador Products their renowned durability and longevity for the larger load. It also

  1. provides a strong foundation for each chair
  2. use steel instead of timber or chipboard guarantees the chair lasts longer without sagging or losing its shape
  3. improves durability and enables easier repairs due to the use of bolts
  4. has longer life span allows for a longer industry warranty
  5. has the flexibility for versatility and improved individual comfort
  6. covers by a 5-Year Warranty

Unique Electric Motors
Unique motor & electrics for adjustable positions

The Ambassador Chair effortlessly transitions from sitting, reclining, resting with elevation to standing at the simple touch of a button. Our electric technology is seamlessly integrated into all models allowing for 12 – 15 adjustable movements (including standing) to suit individual preferences. They contain a second motor, which enables the user to alter the back position without having to change the location of their legs.

The control system is integrated into a simple single handheld controller to adjust your legs to create an angled seat, recline with elevation and return to standing. This can take the pressure off lower limbs and result in a more comfortable recliner, particularly for prolonged periods of sitting or resting.

All chairs are fitted with 1 or 2 rechargeable back up battery systems for assurance during a power failure.

The Ambassador electrics and motor is supplied by Linak, the leading electric motors manufacturers in the world, and backed by a 3-year warranty.

  • Fine-tune seating for optimum comfort and easy adjustment
  • Results in improved posture and comfort
  • Recline, sit up or stand at the simple touch of a simple button
  • Provides simultaneous movement of backrest and footrest
  • No manual adjustments necessary
  • Reliable and strong performance for reassurance
  • Alleviate the reliance and risk of injury for the caregiver or nursing staff

Ambassador Heavy Duty Motor

Linak Motor

Luxurious Upholstery
Luxurious Upholstery

The Ambassador chair is upholstered in high quality, soft to touch and interchangeable fabric covers. We do not use any staples, so the covers are completely removable and replaceable for a change in look or remove them for easy cleaning. Every chair features two side pockets for convenience.

  • Easily replaced or cleaned
  • Materials have been hand-picked to meet strict comfort requirements
  • Personalize your seating requirements to suit your décor
  • Reliable and durable for longevity
  • A choice of 4 popular colours or an optional extra selection is available

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Our standard range of lift & recline chairs is available in 4 popular colours. Also, they have

  1. Independent footrest & backrest
  2. Leg rest 85 mm higher than the body
  3. Heavy-duty dual motor design
  4. Standard size
  5. 2 cushions
  6. Seat height : 50cm
  7. Seat depth : 48cm
  8. Seat width : 60cm
  9. Arm height : 17cm
  10. Back height : 77cm
  11. Overall width : 80cm
  12. Overall height: 115cm
  13. Overall depth : 95cm


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Two Motors

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