Merits Regal S344A Wide Seat


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Merits Regal S344A is a wide seat capability scooter. It has

  1. Loop handlebars offer comfortable finger or thumb throttle operation
  2. 4 wheel adjustable suspension system allowing for more rider control and comfort
  3. Large 14” wheels which provide greater ground clearance
  4. Larger 4 pole motor and larger controller delivering much more power for climbing steep driveways or hills
  5. Built-in half speed safety switch which operates automatically when turning to provide extra safety
  6. New improved, fully adjustable leather-feel seat, allowing maximum rider comfort
  7. Separate emergency braking system for added security
  8. With new easy to access a 12-volt socket

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Technical Specs

  1. Max Speed:  12KM/H
  2. Range:  50KM
  3. Battery: 12V/80A/H
  4. Capacity: 227 KG

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Battery size ah

80 AH

Travel distance

Up To 50KM

Weight capacity





Regal 344A XL



Max Speed



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