Merits Dualer P312 Powerchair


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The Merits Dualer P312 is a dual directional drive powerchair with an electric seat lift. The Dualer can be driven in both front wheel drive or rear wheel drive by rotating the seat 180°. The Dualer is very maneuverable indoors while being a capable outside machine also. The Electric seatlift enables you to reach high objects while seated or use the seatlift to stand up more easily. The Dualer is available in red or blue.

Easy to convert from RWD to FWD, 2-in-1 powerchair, ideal chair for indoor as well as outdoor use.

  • Unique compact size for maximum maneuverability in narrow space and walkway.
  • Height adjustable flip-up armrests can provide seat width adjusted.
  • Start with RWD and move to FWD by rotating the chair 180°, to enjoy direct-drive, direct-response feeling.
  • Turning radius is only 53cm/ 21”.
  • Dualer-P312A-Brochure

is available on purchases between $10 and $2,000 learn more

              Dualer P312A

  • Easy to convert from RWD to FWD, 2-in-1 powerchair
  • Ideal chair for indoor as well as outdoor use
  • Unique compact size for maximum manoeuvrability in narrow space and walkway
  • Height & width adjustable, flip-up armrests for improved comfort
  • Turning radius is inly 49cm / 19.6”
  • Low seat height of 18” provide excellent stability
  • Power seat elevator available
  • P312A-Owners-Manual


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